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The Cisco router configuration service provides business with advanced secure connections between users and the network. The router is the gateway of your network to the outside world. It also provides the connectivity to e-MDs for your SureScripts and Patient Portal to work. Our Cisco Certified Technicians will configure and secure your Cisco router to ensure that the connectivity is established properly. Also, the router acts as the firewall to block unwanted connections from the outside. Our Cisco technicians guide you to protect, secure and configure your network to prevent breaches to your data and network.

We are mainly dealing with mentioned make.

  1. Cisco
  2. Juniper
  3. Redback
  4. Switch (Any Make & Model )

Comprehensive AMC also available for corporate clients -

  • 12 months on site
  • Including Labour + Spares
  • Replacement of Spares, subject to availability
  • Routine preventive Maintenance
  • Priority in Support
  • Ideal for Corporate clients who think Time is Money

Network Switch Maintenance

Alternative Gadgets Solution maintains all Network switches including cisco Switches therefore cutting down on unnecessary data traffic on the network. We handles modern switching is very advanced and is tailored specifically to the network and users requirements.

For IP telecommunications, our services help many installations will use switching that also delivers power (PoE) – Power over Ethernet to the end devices such as IP Phones, Security Cameras and Wireless Access points.

Your data center networking and network architecture ensures the interconnection of your entire physical and network-based devices and equipment. Alternative Gadgets Solution provides Network Designs that focus on supporting networking requirements for virtualization and cloud-computing while also meeting the requirements of network communications in peak usage.

Firewall Security Services

A firewall is a protective system that prevents unauthorized access to your computer or network. A firewall also allows remote access to the network or computer through secure authentication certificates and admin logins. Firewall's can be either hardware or software. You should use both. Hackers scan the internet for computers and or networks that are not protected by a firewall so they can hijack or infect your computers with a virus, worm or a Trojan horse. Businesses and home users much use a firewall. Home computer users at a minimum should have a personal firewall, anti virus and anti spyware. Anti virus and anti spyware are not the same thing. Microsoft Windows XP with Service Pack 3 (SP3), Vista, Windows 7 & Windows 8 operating systems have a personal firewall system built in them. Never use two personal firewall products at the same time. Business Users should have much more.